The Girl With Pink Hair , formerly titled, A Wake-up Call, brings us into the unique world of Brooklyn’s orthodox Syrian-Jewish community where devoted homemaker, SARI MIZRAHI hopes to return to her normal life after her bout with breast cancer.  But the unlikely friendship she forms with JASMINE WILLIAMS, a young African-American woman struggling with the disease, transforms both lives and neither can ever return to their old selves.

This independent drama/comedy  takes a hard, close look at racial encounters in two Brooklyn neighborhoods, the inequities within our health system,  a woman’s changing role in a traditional marriage, and the power of friendship to transform lives in the aftermath of a serious disease. 

We are all on the edge of choice about our lives. Most of us have encountered illness in our families and witnessed the stress that results from it. The Girl With Pink Hair’s drama of two racially diverse families struggling with the after-effects of breast cancer, is our own. The health care issue Angela confronts from lacking insurance belongs to all of us. This film is meant to spur viewers into recognition of the need to maintain support for quality health care for all our citizens