A Comedy
Written For The Stage by Barbara Sutton Masry

Frustrated by her inability to get her plays produced without an agent or professional recommendation, Lauren Hamburg, approaching 40, returns to her alma mater, Brooklyn University, seeking a production and an instructor’s position. When she begins an affair with Byron Collins, an old college crush, now Chairman of the Theatre Department, romance and ambition engage. Based on their discoveries about themselves in their own comedy/ drama, how will Lauren and Byron rewrite their lives?

(July 22-24, 2009 Manhattan Repertory Theatre)

Directed by Ron Parrella
Lee Eypper, Anne Yorke, David Asavanond, Fabiana Rezak, Joel Haberli, Canara Price, John Torres

(Nov 7, 2009 at 411 Space)

Directed by Trazana Beverly
Sandra Bauleo, Jeff Burchfield, Rob Alicea, James Farrell, Joanna Rhinhart, Maja Wampuszyc, Anne Yorke.