When I was young I was accused of being too bossy, a bit of a show-off, and of always wanting to do something. Play acting was an escape from boredom. In the summers, playing Queen and Servant with my friend Laura, we argued about a premise of comedy, questioning which was funnier — a tall queen (Laura) bossing a small servant (me) or a small queen bossing a tall servant?

Throughout the years as a parent, a teacher and a community activist, I wrote and produced my plays locally in Great Neck As a pre-kindergarten teach, I was viewed as too playful, offering my students too many creative activities simultaneously. I yearn to belong to an off-Broadway company, but it didn’t fit in with a suburban family life and teaching. Until later.

Producing theatre permits people who loved to play as children to continue to do so as adults. It’s for the kid who was considered bossy, stubborn, and wired.